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Cal/OSHA requires employers in the adult film industry to provide and ensure the use of condoms and implement other measures to protect employees from sexually transmitted infections. Under this standard, adult film industry employers must implement control measures to protect employees from any of the infections discussed above. May 21, 2012 · I was just curious to know if is there a national registry that lists people infected with HIV/AIDS. I don't mean to sound silly, but if one is not available, don't you think that one should be setup? HIV is a deadly disease that can be easily spread and some people won't admit that they have disease when they do. Do you agree that a registry would be a good decision?Followers: 3.

Apr 18, 2018 · The adult entertainment business remains essentially on hold as studios have shut down production after a performer (reportedly male) tested positive for HIV Author: Chris Morris. The ultimate source for adult industry news, porn star gossip and more!

Jun 24, 2019 · A registry is a collection of information about individuals, usually focused around a specific diagnosis or condition. Many registries collect information about people who have a specific disease or condition, while others seek participants of varying health status who may be willing to participate in research about a particular disease. Oct 19, 2018 · In the adult entertainment industry, testing is the primary tool used for the prevention of STIs, and porn performers maintain that it’s the single most important part of their sexual health Author: Lynsey G.