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Ingham County Probation Office. Amy Bonito, Jacqueline Straub and Kellie Doerr, Supervisors. Probation Department 303 W. Kalamazoo Street, Suite 90. Lansing, MI . Probation Services is committed to providing high quality, evidence based community supervision of delinquent youth as a means to facilitate rehabilitation, reduce recidivism, and protect the public. Ingham County, Michigan.

Parole & Probation Office Location Directory. Location Directory Listed below are the central, region, area and local parole and probation and parole offices. Also listed are the addresses for any absconder recovery units, corrections centers or technical rule violation centers that may be in the selected area. Although there were many merits to the idea of switching to a more central location for the Ingham County Justice Complex, these discussions Quality Healthcare is Coming to Your Neighborhood Posted On Friday, May 31, 2019.

30th Circuit Court Probation (supervises felony offenders) 303 W Kalamazoo Suite 90 Lansing MI 48933 Phone: 517-483-6100; Ingham County Family Court (supervises juveniles whose offense occurred in Ingham County) Lansing, MI Phone: 517-483-6105; Ingham County Parole Office (supervises adult offenders upon release from prison) Lansing, MI Phone. Welcome to the Probate Court The Probate Court provides only statutorily mandated services. The major activities include filing and safekeeping of wills, probating of estates of deceased persons, trust administration, appointment and supervision of guardians and conservators for minors, adults, and developmentally disabled persons and processing mental health matters.

Due to common names and birth dates, criminal record search results may not be specific to the individual that you are searching for. These search results are not to be considered the official record. You may review the official court record at the Ingham County Circuit Court Clerk's Office. Ingham County, Michigan - Court Record Search Search by case number at no charge. Please note - Not all 30th Circuit Court Family Division documents are available for searching on-line.