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Larger breasts are often difficult to fit into clothing and exercise, but they can also cause back, shoulder, and neck pain. Breast reduction surgery removes excess tissue, fat, and skin to decrease the weight of your breasts. African-American women often seek breast reduction and breast augmentation surgeries. A frequent concern is the fear of heavy scarring. A frequent concern is the fear of heavy scarring. These may take the form of a keloid or a hypertrophic scar.5/5(92).

Breast Reduction for Black Women Incentives. Breast reduction is used to decrease, re-shape and tone overly large, ptotic or pendulous breasts. Heavy breasts are especially prone to the effects of aging, gravity, childbirth and breastfeeding. Genetic factors also account for the progression of many undesirable breast changes. Some women love their large breasts, but suffer a variety of physical . Dec 09, 2011 · A: Expectations following a breast reduction for an African-American woman Without photos, and examination and more, it is impossible to predict what cup size that you will be after breast reduction surgery.

In 2013, as reported by ASPS, breast reduction surgery was one of the 3 most commonly requested procedures among African American people. However, women whose breasts have deflated and sagged after childbirth, or whose breasts are unevenly-sized or shaped, may be candidates for breast augmentation surgery. Oct 31, 2017 · I had a short amount of time to get my breast augmentation because I wanted it done before school. I didn’t know how long I would be out after surgery. I’ve read you can be out for weeks and I didn't want to miss any classes. Also, one thing I wanted, was a surgeon who would fully understand incisions on African-American skin.4.8/5.

Choosing to have a breast reduction is not a simple decision. Recently in the news, a woman with a size 36NNN breasts decided to get a breast reduction after years of suffering from back issues. The decision left many to think she should have been undergone surgery. But everyone has their own story.Author: Derrick Lane. African American Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos. Welcome to our African American Breast Augmentation Photo Gallery! Our before & after patient images can help you see how breast augmentation surgery can enlarge and shape the breasts with implants. While achieving this, patients experience an improved body image & self-esteem.