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snakes in false bottom suitcase - Customs 'Rovers' Ferret Out Drug Couriers at LAX - Los Angeles Times

False Bottom Secret Compartment: Secret compartments are extremely useful (and awesome!). If you're a deep-cover government agent trying to keep important documents out of the hands of sinister enemy agents or just a kid trying to keep their cash out of a greedy sibling's hands. Myth #3: Black snakes are completely harmless. Just because I think black snakes are good to have around doesn’t mean I want to be bitten by one, any more than I’d want to be bitten by a raccoon, a rat, or a stray dog. Any snake bite – even a nonvenomous one – is likely to be painful and full of bacteria which can lead to infection.

May 21, 2018 · How to Pack a Suitcase for a Road Trip. Cat McMahon's Suitcase. Updated May 21, 2018. and scorpions and rattle snakes lurk in unexpected places; pack tough, hard-wearing shoes or boots, and sturdy socks. and pack a pair of flip flops wrapped in a plastic bag at the bottom . "There is a logistical reason why drugs and animals are lumped together. It's very easy to get wildlife products into the country. If you're shipping something that says it's full of snakes it's easy to put in a false bottom filled with cocaine.Author: BCR.

Roll out two clay snakes of different lengths. Measure the length of one of the clay snakes. Make a guess for how long the second snake will be using what you know about the first snake. Check your guess by measuring the second snake. Curl up one of the snakes. Estimate and measure its diameter (across the fattest portion of the circular shape). Spanish Translation of “suitcase” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases.

It was the first of a series” of cases where heroin was found in a suitcase rim, as opposed to a false bottom. “Margie (Morones) got a lot of important (busts) at first, and I kept wondering Author: CLAIRE SPIEGEL.