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Apr 04, 2016 · Grooming. This habit continues through adulthood as soon dogs begin to lick themselves in order to stay cleaning groomed. In the process of grooming herself, your dog may pick up smells or tastes of human skin particles on your couch, and begin licking the couch to clean – or groom – your tastes and smells as well. Dogs Who Lick Couches, the Carpet & Beds. A dog's licking can go from normal to obsessive. Your pooch's quirkiness is part of her charm, but sometimes odd behaviors become concerning. While your furry friend naturally explores with her senses of smell and taste, obsessive or compulsive licking indicates a problem.

If you see your dog licking the carpet or licking the couch, this is where the behavior tends toward the stereotypical (or behaviorally problematic), according to Maxwell. “Unless you just dropped food, there’s no normal reason why a dog should regularly lick the carpet or furniture.” If it’s. If your pup is feeling a little bored and has a little energy to get out, they might take it up with their old buddy, the couch. Others think your dog’s couch licking might be a canine form of OCD. If your dog is relentlessly licking any given surface they can find, you might want to take it up with your vet.

For other dogs, it is a comfort thing. It makes them feel safe. Others do it as a simulated activity, like playing or walking. To try to stop this behavior, whenever you see them licking the couch, take them out for a walk or grab a chew toy and play with them!