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How to Smoke a Beef Bottom Round Step 1. Fire up your smoker. Great wood choices for beef include oak, hickory, mesquite, pecan, Step 2. Put a pan with about one inch of water in the smoker. Step 3. Season your bottom round. You can use any rub of your choice. Step 4. Put the bottom round in. Feb 04, 2010 · I wanted to do beef ribs this weekend, but the butcher and the supermarket were both out. So, I decided on a bottom round. I know it's not the best candidate for smoking, but I figured I would give it a try. I have a 5 and a half pounder. I'm going to do a dry rub and smoke it to 150.

Jul 28, 2014 · Chiroken, bottom rounds are not particularly tender and don't have a lot of fat. They make great pot roasts. If I were you I would smoke it for perhaps an hour or two at 200F, then transfer it to a crock pot and finish it off until it's fork tender. Let us know how it turns out. Good idea Rich. Dec 21, 2007 · Is a bottom round beef roast worth smoking? I'm going to pick up a ribeye roast this weekend and saw that Kroger's has the bottom round beef roast on sale for $2.99/lb. Is this a piece of meat worth smoking or is it to tough to ever become tender.