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A semen analysis measures three major factors of sperm health: the number of sperm. the shape of the sperm. the movement of the sperm, also known as "sperm motility".Author: Shannon Johnson. Continued. What your sperm look like (morphology). The size and shape of your sperm affect their ability to fertilize an egg. Normal semen will have at least 30% normally shaped sperm. In addition to analyzing your sperm, your doctor will also find out other details from your sample, including the following: Volume.

A semen analysis is used to determine whether a man might be infertile—unable to get a woman pregnant. The semen analysis consists of a series of tests that evaluate the quality and quantity of the sperm as well as the semen, the fluid that contains them. Semen analysis - Methods for collecting a sperm sample include Masturbating into a sterile jar or cup. Using a special condom during intercourse given to you by your health care provider.