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noun: The generation born after 1985, which as teens and adolescents communicated by the use of mobile devices such as cell phones. Because wireless mobile devices are small, the thumbs are generally used to type. This led to the use of acronyms to decrease typing time. adjective: Of or relating to the Thumb Generation. Thumb tribe or sometimes thumb generation is the younger generation with members who are more adept at texting using their thumbs than talking on the phone. The concept identifies a trend among young people who use mobile phones for many activities, such as texting, email, entertainment, and conversations, as opposed to using keyboards with traditional desktop computers, and marks a shift in.

'Discovering that the younger generation has taken to using thumbs in a completely different way and is instinctively using it where the rest of us use our index fingers is particularly. Thumb Generation. 210 likes. "i am obsessed with photography. i don't know if my photos are good or bad but i continue to click until people appreciate Followers: 213.

May 13, 2015 · Thumb Generation Daniel Rakijašić 'Smartphone Thumb' Could Lead To Pain And Nerve Damage - Duration: 2:02. CBS New York 1,684 views. 2:02. Feb 14, 2018 · Prevent thumbnail generation for invalid uploads (Recent versions of Paperclip do this by default without the following code) If you upload a file that is too large or otherwise doesn’t fit the requirements, paperclip still processes all styles during assignment before the model object is recognized as invalid during #save.This can be a huge waste of time if you’re working with big files.